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Waters shares position on food policy

SOFSA, Oct. 25, 2021

“I believe that we have a moral mandate to support people in our community who are experiencing food insecurity and weak food systems, but especially now, and while plans for rescue funds are being developed. It is also in our best economic interest to help others to see the interdependence of food systems with our efforts to promote and health and prosperity."

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Olson & Waters square off in OCL's 10th District

Eagle Bulletin, Oct. 15, 2021


Waters Squares off with Olson: Candidate Forum

Eagle Bulletin, Oct. 21, 2021

Meet the Candidates: Waters and Olson

Eagle Bulletin, Oct. 15, 2021


Q: How will your experience serve you in government?

A: I currently represent our 30,000+ town of Manlius residents, and Onondaga County’s District 10 is nearly the same area. The county and town have similar departmental operations, from wastewater to law enforcement. I delivered a balanced budget to residents during the pandemic, and I can lean on my 22 years of experience securing grants, as well as my training as a mediator. I made sure that at the first meeting of my term, residents had a new “open podium” for public comment, and we have robust citizen engagement in our comprehensive planning process (across all age groups).

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2021 elections: Mark Olson and Heather Waters seek open seat in Onondaga County Legislature, October 13, 2021

Q: What is the most pressing concern for the residents in your district and how would you – as an Onondaga County legislator – address the problem?

A: District 10 residents need (and want) to know how the $1B-plus county budget is developed, and especially now, as millions in additional rescue funds are being doled out for special projects that are promised to generate sales tax. Residents need transparency and a legislature that makes it easier for their voices to be heard -- be it on a new aquarium, more support for mental health services, and fully staffing the health department.

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Working People Endorse Heather Waters

Waters receives endorsements from several labor unions in Central New York.

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Flip the Leg candidates call out David Knapp and his caucus for rushing a process they promised to do fairly.

Republican broken promises can't go unchallenged! View press conference here.

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CNY Democrats nominate slate of candidates aimed at flipping county legislature

February 17, 2021

Syracuse, N.Y. — The Onondaga County Democratic Committee Wednesday named candidates who will run for each of the 17 seats on the county legislature this year as part of an effort to win control of the body from Republicans.

Republicans currently outnumber Democrats 11 to six on the legislature. And the GOP is targeting three seats in and around the city that are held by Democrats.

Pamela Hunter, chair of the Onondaga County Democratic Committee, said the party had a huge number of candidates interested in running this year. Incumbent Democrats in the 15th and 16th county legislative districts faced challenges for the designation, but each won.

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By David Tyler

Manlius Councilor Heather Waters, a Democrat, has officially put her hat in the ring to be the next county legislator representing the Manlius area the Onondaga County Legislature.

Her announcement comes a week after Legislator Kevin Holmquist announced he wasn’t going to run for reelection next November, and Fayetteville Mayor Mark Olson said he would vie for the Republican nomination for the post.

“I had been thinking about it for some time,” Waters said, adding that she felt a greater urgency to run following the county legislature’s decision earlier this year not to support the fair maps initiative in redistricting.


Waters to Run for County Legislature

November 17, 2020


Heather Waters Enters Race for Onondaga County Legislator District 10

November 18, 2020

Fayetteville, New York – Heather Waters, Manlius Town Councilor, will be seeking the Democratic Party nomination for Onondaga County Legislator, 10th District. Waters has a 20-year track record of working with people of every political stripe in business, law, education, and the arts. She supports smart growth and invites more residents with young families and newcomers to participate in government.


Councilor Waters is running because she wants to “communicate how decisions made on the county level affect our daily lives.” She adds, “Economic challenges and the impact of the pandemic will be felt for years to come, and our district deserves a representative dedicated to collaboration and ushering good ideas forward.”