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It's Official: The whole party is behind me

Updated: Jun 1, 2021


(February 18, 2021) Last night, I was honored to receive the formal designation as the Democratic candidate for Onondaga County Legislator, District 10. By receiving this support from the committee, we send a clear message to our Republican challenger: The whole party is behind me.

Winning the open seat in District 10, the largest district in the county, will not be easy. During my 2019 campaign for the Manlius Town Board, we banded together to form a people-powered education campaign. We went door-to-door and spoke with our Democrat and independent neighbors and reminded them that they were not alone. We found there was a collective desire for a renewed vision and energetic representation for the town.

This strategy worked for us. We evened the playing field in the Town of Manlius, bringing representation to match the number of Dems in our town. The same can and should be done at the County level, where 60% of our Legislators are Republicans in a county where over 70% of voters are Democrats, Independents, or unaffiliated.

Will you join me as I campaign for a seat on the County Legislature?

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With guidance from our current Democratic County Legislators and other party leaders, candidates across the county have joined forces to share ideas and resources. I am proud to be in this group of dedicated and civic-minded individuals.

As the Democratic nominee, I will do whatever I can to reach those who think their vote doesn’t matter. And I will assure them that we will work together to bring tangible and positive change to Onondaga County.

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