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Jobs & Care

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(February 24, 2021) I am honored to be endorsed by the NY Working Families Party, and I want to thank its local leadership and members for their efforts to recruit and support progressive candidates. May we all support their People’s Charter! #JobsandCare

The People’s Charter represents an aspirational but concrete agenda around which progressives can rally: for COVID relief, jobs and healthcare for all, police reform, and bold action on climate. The five sections are as follows:

  1. Care for the Wronged: Repair historic harms and end systemic racism.

  2. Emergency care: Help everyone get and stay well, and support workers, families, and small businesses as long as it takes.

  3. A Good Job for Everyone Who Needs One: Working people can’t wait years for jobs to come back, we need millions of jobs now.

  4. Care for Each Other: Address the deficiencies in how our government cares for us that the pandemic has revealed.

  5. Care for the Future: Act now to make us all more resilient to challenges we know we have to confront.

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