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Reflecting on February

Updated: Jun 1, 2021


(February 25, 2021) February has been particularly eventful, and I’m happy to share some highlights as we near the end of the month:

  • Our amazing campaign team continues to meet weekly to strategize and have meaningful conversations not only about how we can win, but about how we can make effective change when we do. I care deeply for my neighbors, and I will do the hard work to make effective and lasting changes that will get us all to a better place.

  • Voter outreach went into high gear this month. I’ve been reaching out to residents of District 10 to talk one-on-one about their experiences and hear what is most important to them. People are amazed to learn that our County budget is $1.25 billion. They have also never heard from their legislator nor been invited to share their thoughts on the County’s priorities.

  • I was thrilled to receive the designation as the Democratic candidate for Onondaga County Legislator, District 10. I am confident that a more fair representation is in our county’s future. This redistribution of power will enable us to bring a balance to the legislature, which right now too often acts as a de facto extension of the executive branch.

  • Virtual house parties began this month! House parties are a great way for us to chat in a small group setting. Hearing your thoughts and concerns is vital to keeping the campaign connected to the needs of our community. Interested in hosting one? Email my campaign manager Karly and we will set it all up!

  • This first phase of the campaign is critical. I am so thankful for the recurring donations we’ve received this month. These donations are incredibly impactful as we move forward. We are fundraising now so we’re ready for the next phase of voter outreach. We will need to purchase mailers, door hangers, lawn signs, software and much more if we’re to effectively reach voters.

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